Through Escher's Eyes

Through Escher's Eyes

A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to go to New York for my sister's graduation, and while being there we checked what exhibitions were going on and we had incredible luck since we saw that there was an exhibition of Escher's work and we just managed to go the last day of the exhibition! That exhibition had 160 original artworks but before continuing to talk about his art I will tell you first who is Maurits Cornelis Escher in case you have never heard of him.

M. C. Escher recognized as one of the most famous graphic designers in the world, was born in Leeuwarden, The Netherlands. Maurits entered the School of Architecture and Decorative Arts of Haarlem, after a week of entering architecture, decided that he preferred to study graphic design, so he changed his career. After graduating in graphic design, he traveled extensively throughout Italy, where he met his wife Jetta Umiker. Escher and his wife lived in Rome for many years, and during those years, they traveled every year throughout Italy, on trips Escher would draw and sketch for various prints he would then make when he returned home.

The exhibition in Industry City, Brooklyn, showed diverse impressions of its enigmatic sketches and paradoxical designs. In the exhibition, I was able to see his first impressions that were inspired by nature and Italian landscapes, later on, his works where about tessellation and transformation of forms and illustrations on how metamorphosis became a unique feature of his art, combining fantasy and geometry (like the image above). Continuing with his mathematical research, he created unlimited images, executed with incredible detail, precision, and representing infinity in his most famous masterpieces, such as "Ascending and Descending", "Heaven and Hell". "M.C. Escher, during his life, made 448 lithographs, woodcuts and woodcuts and more than 2000 drawings and sketches. Like some of his famous predecessors, Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci, Durero and Holbein, M.C. Escher was left-handed. "

As of today, the international scientific community considers M.C. Escher, the cornerstone of the interrelation between art and science. In addition, his works of art have inspired millions of people around the world. Inspiring generations of artists, architects, mathematicians, musicians, designers. Moreover, in the links, you can check their works of art, album covers that were made by Escher, and even Halucii which is an animation inspired by the work "Ascending and Descending". You can also watch the video on how to do lithography so you have an idea of how difficult this technique is and how gifted M.C. Escher was.

Hope you liked this post and got inspired! leave a comment below and let me know what you think or what artist or style you want me to talk about on the next post. 


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